Top 5 Reasons To Upgrade

  1. Your competition is probably using this service!

    That’s right! If you are going to spend all the time and energy that it takes to get to the track and compete – wouldn’t you want to have every advantage? Of course! Using our Professional subscription level will give you the tools you need to win rounds at the track!

  2. Compare runs side-by-side

    With our upgraded membership level you can compare up to 5 runs and see all segment times, all tuning characteristics to help you find differences and inconsistencies

  3. Add Favorites

    If you have certain runs that you want to find easily because they represent a jetting baseline, or particularly consistent 60′ time, you can mark them with a ‘star’ and find them easily on the datasheet or event log

  4. Upload Timeslips

    Whether you use the logbook on your computer or on your phone, take a picture of your timecard (timeslip) and upload it with your run data so you can throw away the paper and ALWAYS have a record of your trip down the strip

  5. More Tuning Fields

    Using our Professional subscription gives you access to MANY more configurable tuning options. Shift Points, Fuel Types and MORE!

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