The Start of Something New

Some of you may have gotten an email from us today. And some of you probably haven’t heard from us in a while. Sorry about that. We weren’t sure what direction to take this website. But now, after 6 years of trying things out and moving things around – we FINALLY have some direction!

250runs-badge-150-sampleWe are putting alot of effort into serving you! Some of it may feel a little fluffy but we really think it will help the community. Many of us invest so much of our hard earned money into the sport of drag racing – and this is our way of saying, “Hey man, good job!”. We have added a new system of giving our racers awards for their effort. Today’s email signifies the first of many updates: we are giving out BADGES.

We are currently running processes on our user database to determine which users get to receive badges based on different levels of achievement. Any time you receive an award, you’ll get an email indicating that you have reached a level of achievement and you’ll also start to see these achievements on your user account dashboard.

Congratulations to everyone who is actively growing their log book. Let us know if there is anything we can add to our log book and reporting to help it serve you better. We’ll keep doing our best to make sure this website is useful to you.

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