Quarter Aces Drag-o-Way – Weather Patterns

Our track pages are useful resources for anyone getting ready to go to a new track or anyone looking for consistency at their home track.

Part of racing and keeping your car consistent is having a handle on whether the car is changing or if it is other variables that are affecting performance. Weather is one of the variables you need to monitor. Using the charts shown in the image below, which are available for every track in our database, you can see that the DA is falling.

Pictured is a screenshot from our Quarter Aces Drag-o-Way track page.
When compared to earlier in the week, the DA has been over 2500 feet and has fallen to 1000 feet. This is probably because the humidity and temperature are lower than they were the past seven days.

If the track happened to be opened on Wednesday mornings (not likely) you would want to head over there because it is prime conditions for fast times!

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