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The default settings will give you a full (sportsman) tree, 0.500, with no handicap. Customize as desired. First click . Then hold the button down for the lane you are racing. Let go of the button to launch the car! 0.000 is PERFECT!

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    • Lots of fun but not quite the same. I have only once got a .00 light and never a perfect light at the track. I have 3 perfect lights here in 30 minutes with an average of .025. I wish the real World was that easy. Not sure why my last two perfect times did not show up. So you don’t have to believe me. LOL.

  1. Hey, Steve, yes I am from Madison. I worked with you several years, some in Madison and some in Kernersville. I had a ’68 Camaro convertible, with BUSHWACKER on the side. Had to sell it several years ago, sure do miss it. Maybe one day I will have another, and can come down the tree at the track. That would be fun!!!

    • HI Steve was wondering if ur going to the footbrake challenge do play the game of holding or sand bagging what ever you what to call it, i have a friend at work that trying to get me to hold and im not sure i like the idea of having to slow down at end of track, would like to know your thought on it. im rusty at racing its been 10 years sense i have raced i also run a footbrake car, love racing thanks Luke

  2. Good to hear from you. I have a 70 Camaro I am running now. Still crazy after all them beers! Going to Bristol to World footbrake challenge on July 12, 13, 14. Hope the weather is good.

  3. just trying to get back into it. it is harder when your in the race car to me have alot more to concentrate on. preetty fun to do it online

  4. This keeps ya sharp.
    The pro tree freeway ramp signals don’t hand out slips for RT and they only happen twice a day if yer on time.LOL
    Page sometimes takes a few seconds to reset but that’s not as long as the shutdown/time slip/return road, cool it off, get back in line and go again time.
    Good exercise

  5. learned to race on a flash of yellow with the .400 tree, now racing with the .500 and i hate it, got a lenco 3 speed with a crower clutch totally by the seat of the pants now thats real drag racing……. just say no to electronics! makes racing way more challenging seems like everyone wants to get me in the 1st round. guess i better practice. made 300 hits
    before i got a perfect light

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    • It’s really a lot of practice mixed in with a luck to hit a triple zero. I have had more birthdays then triple zero lights.

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