Drag Racing Practice Tree

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The default settings will give you a full (sportsman) tree, 0.500, with no handicap. Customize as desired. First click . Then hold the button down for the lane you are racing. Let go of the button to launch the car! 0.000 is PERFECT!

15 thoughts on “Drag Racing Practice Tree

  1. just trying to get back into it. it is harder when your in the race car to me have alot more to concentrate on. preetty fun to do it online

    • It’s really a lot of practice mixed in with a luck to hit a triple zero. I have had more birthdays then triple zero lights.

  2. Why are the lights so inconsistent on the sportsman tree. Get three or 4 regular lights and the one that hesitates on the center light and and then turns the third light on at lighting speed.

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