The Winner’s Circle: A Drag Racing Podcast

Welcome to, “The Winner’s Circle: A Drag Racing Podcast”!

Our goal is to serve the racing community with a podcast that is entertaining and teaches you everything you need to know to win rounds at the track.

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# Name Video Transcript Length
17 What is DA and Why Do You Care? Link Link 17:38
16 The Four “C”s of Bracket Racing Link Link 13:41
15 Preventing Data Catastrophe! NA Link 29:30
14 Give Your Mental Game a Tune-up! NA Link 35:00
13 Mind Games at the Track Link Link 13:21
12 New Driver Training (for everyone!) Link Link 24:58
11 Troubleshooting Your Hot Rod Link Link 20:36
10 Six Things You Need to Know About Drag Racing Timeslips Link Link 33:17
Bonus Episode: Practice Tree Tips Link Link 1:44
9 How to Win a Sponsorship Deal Link Link 38:32
8 Five Things You Need to Know to Join a Top Fuel Race Team Link Link 52:19
7 How and Why to Use a Logbook Link Link 32:05
6 Six Simple Modifications You Can Make To Your Car To Make “Race Ready” Link Link 17:46
5 Five Ways to Protect Your Racing Operation Link Link 24:57
4 Four Ways to Adjust Your Vehicle Rollout Link Link 15:17
3 Three Things to Improve Your Starting Line Game Link Link 21:38
2 The Five Things You Need at the Track on Race Day Link Link 16:08
1 The Six Things You Need to Know About Doing a Burnout Link Link 15:18

7 thoughts on “The Winner’s Circle: A Drag Racing Podcast

  1. Hey Leroy, a couple more things…how about interviewing some of the “Outlaw” racing groups like the Texas Outlaw Fuel Altered’s” or the “Classic GearJammers”? Man, I would really like to here a podcast with some of these groups doing their own thing and you might even be able to get some other groups started with the right encouragement! Not everybody has the money to run a pro or semi-pro operation running blown cars with the rules that NHRA uses. These groups are a lot of fun to watch and have a great following in their respective areas of operation.
    Here is are links to those two: Fuel Altereds are at – and the Classic Gearjammers are here –

    Thanks for the show!


  2. Love the podcasts – lots of good info and tips. I enjoy the stories, and look forward to future episodes. Keep up the great work, and good luck at the track!

  3. Hi I was just listening to your podcast on podcast republic. It was the one on protecting your investment. Your fire story spoke to me because i had a small fire years back. My wife wanted a muscle car and she’s in to Mopar’s turns out the only one 1971 Challenger we were able to afford was a 10.9 index car.
    The car was raced from 1984 to 2013 when we got it. The car had no wiring fixed Windows and so on.

    So when I took on the wiring I was thinking street strip. The nhra rules seemed to point you to the hot to the alternator on its own line. I don’t trust any real fuse in line on the wire. I also thought that the self excited alternator would draw a small amount of amps in my trailer all winter. My fix was a 150 amp boat breaker in line. I flip the breaker when I check under the hood before and after a drive. In addition to having the main power shutdown on the back of the car. Liked the podcast and now I’m hooked.

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