Every once in a while, someone will ask us: “Why don’t you keep up with what is going in NHRA?”. NHRA Drag Racing

The fact is – we do. We just don’t report on it. Current events on a particular sanctioning body is “not in our wheelhouse“, but we definitely keep up.

We thought we should share some info on where we go to keep up in the form of a categorized listing. Hopefully this is helpful.




Its tough to keep up with all the latest from each team individually – but we would encourage you to find your favorite ones on Facebook or create a Twitter account and follow them there. Sure, there is a bunch of extra fluff you don’t care about – but it is worth it because you get to be “in the driver’s circles”.

Do you have any favorite sources of NHRA News? Let us know – leave us a comment so we can all benefit! Thank you!.

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