New Features Released!


It has been about 3 weeks since we launched updates to our logbook. We are still thrilled to have those new features FINALLY implemented! They were on our “to do” list for so long but we were making so many other infrastructure changes to the site that we just weren’t getting to them in the time frame that we wanted! But alas – we are getting closer!

Today we pushed out a few more new features. We have added the “Road Warrior” Badge which is very cool. Anyone that has entered runs in their logbook from more than 1 track will receive this badge. So that is fun – there are alot of you that will be getting it!

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We also have started adding badges for people who win races in the DragTracker Challenge – our Practice Tree game. The number and kinds of badges for that will grow over time too.

Track_Leaderboard_DragTracker-screenshotEveryone’s favorite social network, Facebook – is now integrated into our site. If you have a Facebook account, you can login with one click. So that makes creating your profile VERY easy and secure.

This is kinda fun – we added a Track Leaderboard. It is a leaderboard of all the tracks in our database with their current weather conditions. Any track that appears to have reasonably decent racing weather (not raining or snowing or too foggy) and is also warmer than 45°F has the possibility of showing up. Tracks are ranked in order of their current weather conditions – specifically DA. The list is constantly changing. We realize of course that you can’t up and drive to the track with the best weather on any given day but it is fun to see if your track shows up on the list on a regular basis.

Finally – we added a new Forum! We had one a few years ago and a few of you used it but it wasn’t integrated with the website very well – it was confusing so we got rid of it. But we think this one is HOT! So please – PLEASE – post in there – introduce yourself and let’s get the conversation going. We are looking for moderators so if you are interested – let us know using the contact page or … with a post in the forum. 🙂

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