Delay Box and Practice Tree

So there I was, laying in bed dreaming about winning foot-brake races and it hit me! What about the delay box guys? Can they use our Practice Tree? Surely they can!

I ran downstairs to my computer and low-and-behold the programming of the tree DID NOT work for delay box guys going off the first bulb. How could I have over looked this!?!?!

Never fear – the problem is solved! I pushed out a new code update that will allow you Delay Box racers to program delay into the “Rollout” field so you can hit the tree on the first bulb and it will work as expected. I tested using a delay box value of 1.040 and added it to a vehicle rollout value of .260 to have an overall rollout of 1.300 and was consistently in the low 0.020 to 0.040 – just as I expected. So with some tweaking of my delay box values, I could settle into the low 0.000 to 0.020 range.

Anyway – you can always leave me a voicemail using the link on the right, or drop me a line on our contact page. I’d love to hear if something is not working as expected. Otherwise, I may go another year before realizing that something else is not working!!

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