View Runs


So you have entered all your runs from last weekend, but how can you view all the details for each run? Easy. Click on "View Runs" on your Drag Tracker page. You will be taken to a page that has the most recent event automatically selected. If you only have one event, the drop down will not be very impressive, but if you have loaded 10 years worth of runs, this will be very handy. You can reference any event quickly by navigating to that date/track.

Once you have selected the event you want to view in more detail, you will see a list of runs sorted in order by time of day. You will see important information related to the run like ET, MPH, Reaction and 60’. If you raced in eliminations, the round number will show up there too.

If you see an event that you would like to see MORE information about, click on the magnifying glass to see all the details for that run.

Now that you are looking at the details for the run you can see calculated fields too. You will see segment times, weather data and track information. You will also notice car information and notes displayed so that you can quickly find all the information you need related to that run.

If you notice that something is incorrect on this page, you can click the “Edit” button.

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