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Adding runs is easy, you just need to go through each field one by one. The good news, is that if you are entering multiple runs for an event, you can click “Save & More” to have many fields automatically populated with the current run’s data.


track-addruns You can add all the information relevant to that event at that track. Make sure your date and time entries are in the correct formats (mm/dd/YYYY and hh:mm). Also, if you won the round, be sure to indicate that, as well as the round #. These will affect the fields you can enter later.


If you entered a date that is within the last 2 weeks, and the track you entered has been in our database for more than two weeks, the weather fields will automatically weather-addruns fill in. You are welcome to input your own observations, this automated service is provided for free and is for reference. Weather data collected from


times-addrunsDepending on whether this was a "Time Trial" or "Elimination" will affect which fields are available in this section. You can enter all your run data. When you view this data later, all segment times will be visible and will automatically adjust to the track length. For example, if you typically run on a 1/4mile track, but make a few passes on a 1/8th mile track, the runs will hide the 1000’ field and segment times for those runs but not for your 1/4 mile passes.

Car / Tuning

tuning-addrunsThis section has some fields that may or may not show up depending on how you set your preferences. "Foot-brake" racers don’t need to add, edit or see "Delay Box", or "Throttle Stop" fields. But racers who use electronics will almost certainly want to log those values. Visit the preferences section of your account to setup which fields show up in this section.

Updated: 10/31/09: Tire pressure is now a part of the fields you can keep tabs on. It is available by adding it to your preferences


The notes section is self-explanatory. Anything you want to include about the run that is not part of any of the fields, things like the angle of the sun and how that affected your view of the tree, pointing out that there were 8 hours between the last time run and the first-round of eliminations, a reason the tire pressure was lower than you wanted, etc.

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