Weather / DA Paging System


QUESTION: Did your car gain a tenth in the second round making you break out again?

We have a SOLUTION! If the horsepower of your engine increases as air quality increases, you need to know how the air is changing. Simply sign up for our real-time Density Altitude Notification (Paging) System and it will send you an email or text messge to your phone at the track when the air has changed.

It is programmable for ANY race track on ANY race day using weather data from Try it out today! Stay informed and you’ll be dialing-in more accurately and winning more consistently!

How does it work?

Simple! Follow these steps:

  1. Create a FREE account or login if you have an account
  2. Click on Paging on the sidebar ←
  3. Choose your dragstrip, notification format (email or text msg) and when you
    want to receive it.

Its like having a CREW CHIEF or SCIENTIST in your pocket. We will automatically notify you any time the DA changes by + / – 100 feet. If the weather is inclement (not race-able, like rain, snow or hail) we will not notify you until the DA changes by + / – 400 feet.

Pretty cool, eh? We think so. And we actually use it. It is low maintenance and convenient! Just set it up for raceday and check your email or texts between rounds!