What are DragTracker Awards?

250runs-badge-150-sampleDragTracker awards are badges you receive for reaching certain milestones and achievements in your drag racing career through our website. For instance, when you enter your first timeslip (in the Logbook) you will receive the 1 Run badge. When you enter your 250th run in the logbook, you get the Silver 250 Runs badge.

How does it work?

All you have to do is use for your Logbook/Run Log and you will automatically receive badges as you fill out more and more data.

Why have badges? This isn’t a car show!

There are no points for second place. We realize that. Actually, in many sanctioned forms of bracket racing there are, in fact, many points that can be earned by reaching second place but the point is – we don’t go to the track to have a runner-up finish – we go to the track to WIN THE RACE (and provide exposure for our sponsor). We want to win rounds, we want to win events, AND we want to come back next week and do it again.

But if we don’t win, what do we have to show for the day? Many times, we have the smells of rubber, oil and nitro (alcohol or gas) in our hair, in our clothes, and in our nostrils but basically the only thing we have to show for it is a handful of timeslips. It is easy to figure out how someone could spend $100 – $500 to go bracket racing one weekend. That makes those timeslips EXPENSIVE. Why not have something to show for it? That is why we created these badges. As a little reminder of achievement. The sweat and effort is not for naught – even if you haven’t won a round in 3 weeks – you still had fun and you have earned a feather in your hat (or helmet) in the form of a badge.

Now go get’em!

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