A Bunch of Updates!

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to let you know that we pushed out a TON of updates today. The highlights include the following:

  1. “Overcast?” flag – now you can annotate when you made a pass and there was no overhead sun
  2. Track Temperature” field – there is now a field that is part of the “Track” section of the Add/Edit logbook page that allows you to specify the track temperature if you have access to that information. You have to go to “Tools” -> “Preferences” and add it to your “Optional Fields” for it to show up in your logbook. By default, it is no visible
  3. 594′ Timer – for some tracks, an optional 594′ interval time is available. This came up as part of a request from a driver at Central Illinois Dragway and they use that time to help them have a good sense of what the time would have been if they hadn’t hit the brakes. This field will automatically show up if you pick a racetrack that is marked as one in our database as having the 594′ timer.

As usual – hit us back if you have any trouble – we’d love to have your feedback so we can continue making the logbook (and all our tools) the best they can be!

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